Paper Umbrella Residences

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Founded on equality & ethical governance

Each founder of Paper Umbrella has the same ownership privileges as every other member. They created Paper Umbrella to build a trustworthy and pleasurable investment for their families and yours to enjoy.


Russ Parker

Russ Parker is a deeply-rooted Calgary entrepreneur, with a family heritage in Calgary that goes back over 100 years. His business experience includes banking, commercial real estate, clothing manufacturing and wholesaling, and as the franchisee for Lululemon Athletica in Calgary. His family is very active in sports, with kids playing and parents coaching. Russ loves the simplicity and ease of vacationing at the Paper Umbrella properties, as well as wakesurfing, working out, volunteering, and his newest passion - life coaching.


Rob Schaefer, Partner

As a seasoned business development executive, Rob lives on building businesses. Although a born-and-raised Calgarian, Rob and his family have lived in Canada, Switzerland, and the United States, and has always had a passion for discovering new places, friends and culture. Paper Umbrella allows Rob, his wife Barb, and three children to fit their passion for adventure into their busy family life.