Paper Umbrella Residences

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Active Escapes with Upside



"We are all active travelers and owners of recreational real estate. In 2008, we were motivated to create Paper Umbrella when we were unable to find anything that met our personal goals for incredible experiences coupled with a solid investment.

There are other private residence clubs. We researched them all thoroughly in creating Paper Umbrella. We borrowed the strengths that we admired and set some new best practices. Our result is a model that ensures equitable access for booking, ownership opportunity with investment upside, family friendliness in all residences, and a fundamental respect for members' time and privacy.

Ultimately, we founded Paper Umbrella to create a transparent, trustworthy and pleasurable investment for our families and yours." - the Paper Umbrella founders

One Equal Membership, The Best In Life

Paper Umbrella is a private residence club for families and individuals seeking joyful luxury. With homes all over the world it's simple to make getting away part of the every day. Every shareholding member of Paper Umbrella has the same share ownership and privileges as every other shareholder including the founders.

Paper Umbrella's Raison D'Etre

  • To elevate lives from ordinary to enriched and fulfilled