Paper Umbrella Residences

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Technology You Want

Unplug or Tune In, Your Choice

Going off the grid can mean paradise for some and panic for others, especially teenage kids! At your Paper Umbrella residences, you have the choice to unplug or stay connected simply.

Every Home Connected

Every Paper Umbrella home is equipped with a wireless network for easy Internet connectivity for all members of your family. Televisions are satellite or cable equipped. And – because vacations are about more play time – all homes have a DVD player and gaming station.

Paper Umbrella Online Community

Simplicity and convenience is a core promise of Paper Umbrella residences. So how can we make it easy to arrive and feel at home at your residences worldwide? Members share insight on such vital information as where to eat, shop, take the kids, activities, and nearby adventures.

Our Members Forum allows members to view, add, and compare comments about their residence and surrounding area restaurants, shops, and activities. Creating a life uninterrupted is what Paper Umbrella is all about.