Paper Umbrella Residences

Own an equal equity stake in a property portfolio that increases in value. Learn more.

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Luxury Residences in Incredible Locations

Life is short. Why not make it easy to have the best of life with the people you love? Paper Umbrella is a private residence club for individuals and families seeking joyful luxury. Make getting away part of the every day.


Ownership & equality of membership

Paper Umbrella is a real investment in real property. Every Paper Umbrella shareholder has an equity stake in the property portfolio with the same benefits as every other shareholder. As properties increase in value, so does your investment. Should you ever decide to sell your share, we’ll help with the transaction.


Selecting and booking your getaway simply

Members can view availability of all their residences on-line instantly. The booking system allows you to select where and when you will go and to reserve it in less than two minutes. Now that's life uninterrupted. Every member has the same booking privileges and booking periods. Retreat simply for one to four weeks every year, plus use our FreeB program to book last minute and stay in your homes for free.


Invite family and friends

Have some people over! Your membership lets you bring along family and friends to enjoy your vacation. Or share the keys! Send your parents or adult children for a retreat of their own.