Paper Umbrella Residences

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Booking Basics

Equality, Transparency, Simplicity

As a Paper Umbrella member, simply go on-line and book your vacation in seconds. Use the FreeB program to book up to 42 days out and stay in your homes for free. At Paper Umbrella, we have one class of membership with one set of rules, ensuring equality among the membership. A simple queuing system means every member has exactly the same booking rights and privileges.

Fast facts about booking

  • Daypoints are the currency that you spend to reserve time at the Paper Umbrella residences.
  • You may give your Daypoints to parents, adult children (over 25), and adult siblings
  • Daypoints may be traded or sold between members
  • With Paper Umbrella, every member has the same class of shares and the same booking privileges.
  • *****Any properties that are available within 35 days can be booked for 0 daypoints. This has proven to be the most appealing feature. If you are in a position to travel on shorter notice you will LOVE this feature.

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