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How it Works

Understanding Your Ownership and Investment

Let us be clear. Paper Umbrella Residences is NOT a timeshare. Shareholders own a share in a Canadian incorporation which, in turn, purchases your residences. As a shareholder, you are an owner!

Residences in the portfolio are selected based upon first an incredible experience for our members, but then they must also meet high standards for potential property appreciation. There is no expiry on your ability to use the properties.

Homes Worldwide, Affordably

The advantage of shared membership means that instead of having to pay all the costs of carrying a vacation property, they are shared amongst the members equally, reducing the burden. You get to use luxury properties, with no maintenance responsibilities, for annual dues that are a fraction of what they would be to own directly.

We are expanding the portfolio to 12 luxury homes. Every residence chosen stands out for location, amenities, and enduring value to investors. The portfolio is diversified to provide winter escape, adventure and metropolitan culture. We also pay special attention to easy access, comfort and safety.

Selling Shares - Change is a part of life, we understand

There is no expiry on your investment. Should you ever have the need to sell your share; Paper Umbrella will facilitate this transaction on your behalf.