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Price & Privileges

Ownership & One Simple Membership

To keep it fair and equitable amongst members, Paper Umbrella offers only one Membership plan, called a Recreational Membership. It also offers a separate equity share to allow members to take an equity stake in the portfolio and receive the benefits of the appreciating properties.

Membership Drive Release

We are on an aggressive drive to increase our membership to 40 members. With that we are offering a very attractive selling price of $114,900 per share.

A share entitles you to ownership and paying the annual dues entitles you to usage and a recreational membership. The annual dues are approximately $6,000 per year for a shareholder. You also have an option to purchase a Recreational Membership which entitles you to use the properties without an equity position. There is no initial share fee. The annual dues are approximately $15,000 per year.

Like the Founder Share owners, the Early Investor Release shareholders will have opportunity to realize the full upside as the Paper Umbrella real estate portfolio appreciates in value, and will have a unique opportunity to influence properties chosen.

What Are The Rewards?

Being among the first to join Paper Umbrella gives you equal benefits as later shareholders but with a few advantages:

  • Gain ownership at the lowest cost - share prices increase as the portfolio value increases.
  • Maximize upside by getting in at the earliest point of property appreciation.
  • Early membership means more influence over property locations within portfolio.

What Do Annual Dues Cover?

Annual dues cover the costs of operating and maintaining the portfolio of properties including security, utilities, property management, taxes, insurance, finance charges, reserve accounts for repairs and refurbishment, and management fees.