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Destination Guide

The Climate

It’s a tropical paradise at Roatan with average daily temperature of 27 C (82 F) and 75% humidity - all made comfortable by Roatan's signature breeze.


Although Spanish is spoken in mainland Honduras, English is widely spoken on Roatan because the first modern population originated from parts of the British Caribbean. In general, the history of the Bay Islands was driven by the various larger political, economic and cultural forces throughout the entire Caribbean and Central American region.


Honduras currency is called lempiras, though most places accept U.S. dollars at reasonable exchange rates.  Although some restaurants and stores accept credit cards, it is recommended that you have US dollars on hand. Banks and ATM machines are available.

Local Cuisine

The fresh seafood on Roatan is great. The island’s cuisine is more casual than high end but good quality. The islanders' cuisine includes many food items that grow naturally on Roatan: bananas and plantains, mangoes and guavas, breadfruit, coconut and cassava, and juicy little key limes. Chicken, beans and rice are also dietary mainstays.

Some island favourites are banana bread, cassava bread, coconut bread, platanos, key lime pie, mango chutney, guava jam and mango salsa.